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Automatic Gates - Swing Gates

Providing a high level of safety and security, swing gates are most efficient in residential applications where traffic flow is minimal and space is not an issue. They can however be installed on multi-residential or commercial applications with the correct operator and safety devices.

Swing gates do however, require particular attention in regards to automation: Quality of gate, posts, hinges and alignment is essential for the correct operation of your automatic gate.

Our experienced staff will help you to choose the right product for your existing swing gate or if you do not currently have your gates, we can organise supply and installation of high quality gates in a range of styles and colours, which will be most suited to your application.

Swing Gates

  • Centsys Vantage Automatic Gate Operator

    CENTSYS (South Africa) Vantage

    Sleek, stylish, secure and strong: these are some of the words that describe the VANTAGE linear swing gate motor for domesAc and industrial gates...

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  • DITEC PWR 25H and PWR 35H

    DITEC PWR 25H & PWR 35H

    Suitable for residential and small to medium condominium/commercial applications.

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  • Centsys Vert-X Automatic Gate Operator

    CENTSYS (South Africa) Vert-X

    With such striking, rugged good looks, the VERT-X linear swing gate motor for domestic gates, is more than just a pretty face...

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    Heavy duty, robust operator for condominium and industrial/commercial applications.

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  • Centsys R Series Automatic Gate Operator

    CENTSYS (South Africa) R SERIES

    After a long, hard day it's nice to be beckoned in by the welcoming arms of a CENTSYS R Series. It's like having an excitable puppy, doting wife and loyal butler all rolled into one...

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  • Ditec Cubic Automatic Gate Operator

    DITEC (Italy) CUBIC

    Does not alter the gate look and style and ideal for architecturally fine gates. Cubic 6 is an underground automation for swing gates. Unobtrusive on its visible parts...

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