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CENTSYS (South Africa) D5 EVO

They say you can’t improve upon perfection. Well, they obviously haven’t seen the D5-Evo.

One of the most durable and reliable operators ever made, the legendary D5 is renewed the world over. Many years later, old ’tried and tested’ gets perfected. We borrowed what we learned from the D10 and applied it to the D5-Evo.

Incorporating a 12V version of the D10 controller, the D5-Evo also offers a wide range of useful features, which includes ChronoGuard timer functionality.

Faster, smarter and easier to setup, old faithful even got a facelift and now looks more like his D10 cousin. Hard as nails and loyal to the end, you can sleep easy, knowing that our D5-Evo is on guard.


  • Low voltage version available
  • Reliable Battery Backup
  • Very fast but variable operating speeds – opens average 4m gate in less than 12 seconds
  • Reliably move almost any gate weighing up to 500kg
  • Sensitive anti-crushing protection
  • Easy set up and programming
  • ChronoGuard technology provides an endless list of features including Pillar light control; alarm functions; positive close mode and real time clock and calendar
  • Ambush alarm to alert your security company if the opening or closing safety beams (if fitted) are interrupted for a pre-defined but adjustable time or Break-in alarm if the closing beam(if fitted) is interrupted
  • Stores up to 500 remote controls with the ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons saved in memory
  • Pedestrian opening capability

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