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The privilege of beauty. Sturdy, durable and heavy duty

Smart and refined, Luxo was designed to be admired and desired. It’s modern and futurist look features soft and smooth lines and makes it suitable for any type of gate frame.

The automation has been designed to comply with the sturdiest and most reliable DITEC systems.

Being made of aluminium, it looks light and clean; this will ensure it’s long life, withstanding harsh weather, and is further enhanced by an additional polyester coating. Even detail and shape has been carefully and passionately designed.


  • Easily accessible key-operated manual release system on all versions
  • All electric connections neatly gathered under upper casing to make for easy maintenance
  • Irreversible or reversible
  • Version with dustproof brushes and limit switch as standard available
  • Version with 24V motor, pedestrian access option, speed adjustment and soft start, soft stop available
  • Battery backup available as an option

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