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Traffic Barriers / Boom Gates

High volume commercial or industrial sites often require a system that allows fast access to the sites while restricting that access to authorised personnel. Nowadays, although technology offers a variety of control systems, traffic barriers either manual or automatic, remain the simplest and most convenient solution to control parking access.

We offer a choice of products for every situation. Please contact us to find out which products will suit your condition best.



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For the best angle in high-volume traffic barriers! Lots of vehicles coming in and out? You need something that goes up and down. fast!

The SECTOR is powered by a beefy custom-built DC motor and gearbox and can raise up to a three metre boom pole at a blistering pace of less than 1.2 seconds.

Operating slightly slower, the SECTOR will effortlessly raise up to a six metre pole smoothly and reliably.

The main features are:

  • Rapid opening
  • Battery Backup
  • High-torque boom pole operation
  • Safe sensitivity for boom pole lowering
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing
  • Suitable for entrances from 3 metres to six metres
  • Optional jack-knife for areas with limited head room
  • On-board loop detector
  • On-board receiver with storage up to 500 remote control buttons
  • The ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons into its saved memory
  • Multi-channel controller with integrated world first ChronoGuard timer technology

The Sector has many more features, just click on the brochure below.
Centsys Sector


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The Centinel manual traffic barrier is designed with the user in mind. After all, just because it’s a manual barrier doesn’t mean you have to do all of the work!

We outfitted the CENTINEL with an innovative internal spring balance mechanism – which not only gives the barrier a compact slim-line appearance, but also means that the most feather-light of touches can set it in motion... because you don’t necessarily want a shoulder workout when manning a barrier.

The main features are:

  • Internal spring counterbalance
  • Professional, compact appearance
  • Comfortable operating handle
  • Simple locking system
  • Strong and durable
  • Boom pole lengths from 3m to 5m

The Centinel has many more features, just click on the brochure below.
Centsys Centinel

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Truly innovative shapes and uncompromising safety: These are the credentials of the Ditec QIK barrier.

The main features are:

  • Soft edge, rounded corners, high performance
  • Wide range of lengths and accessories
  • Clean look and attention to details for heavy duty applications
  • Over one million operations ensured by the gear motor
  • Built with safety in mind
  • Boom pole lengths from 3.5m to 8m long

The QIK has many more features, just click on the brochure below.
Ditec QIK Automatic Barriers

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